Advice for Entrepreneurs from Sir Richard Branson

Have you ever wondered which business skills the top entrepreneurs think you need to master in order for you to own a successful business?

In a recent interview, Richard addresses questions on what he thinks are the most important skills that entrepreneurs like you need to learn, understand and master in your own businesses if you want to have any level of success and sustainability in business.

Richard says that you need to always remember that a company is a group of people and thus leadership of those people is the the skills that he considers most important in running a business.

You as the owner need to master the skill of being a leader and in leading those people in your company you need to listen, motivate and praise the people in your company if you want them to give you and your company the best that they have to offer.

Another critical skill he mentions is allowing employees to make their own decisions and mistakes so that they can then learn from those mistakes and improve not only themselves, but the business as well and take ownership of the decisions and the process itself.

I’m not sure what your thoughts are on the subject, but as the worlds most renowned and likely one of the most successful Entrepreneurs, I think advice from Sir Richard Branson is good advice to heed.

You can check out the 4 minute interview clip on YourTube where he answers 3 questions on Entrepreneurship and being the owner of a successful business (in Richard’s case 300-400 businesses according to the interview).

What business skills do you consider most important in your small business?

Let me know in the comments below which ones you had to master?

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