Focus On The Important Tasks On Your List, Not The Urgent Ones

In order to be productive and accomplish the most in your day/week/month/year and life, you need to prioritize the tasks that come up.

In particular, you need to focus on the important tasks, not necessarily the urgent ones.

The urgent tasks are emergencies, semi-emergencies, or give the appearance of being an emergency. They pop up all the time and seem like they need to be dealt with right away, so you drop what you were working on to deal with them, but are they really important, and the best use of your time?

Or did it just seem urgent at the time, but in reality it wasn’t very important and was actually a distraction from what you were trying to get accomplished?

And how do you tell the difference at the time between something that really is important, and some “emergency” that pops up and is urgent, but not really all that important?

Focus On The Important Tasks

If you are always fighting fires and reacting to urgent seeming tasks, then your business is suffering the consequences of not being lead.

Rather than having a definite direction and a critical path of important tasks driving your day to day activities from a longer-term perspective, you are instead reacting to whatever happens to come up, which may seem urgent at the time, but likely isn’t critical for the long term health and prosperity of your business.

Or if it is critical, it is something that could have been planned ahead of time, and not something that had to be an emergency at the time it did rear its ugly head.

You need to stop playing the interrupt game and lead your small business in the direction that it needs to go.

Plan what is important in advance, and then stick to your plan as much as possible. Have your goals remain front of mind by planning ahead of time and then reviewing them on a regular basis.

You can tell the difference between important tasks and just urgent one, because the important tasks conform to your plan and help to facilitate achieving your goals. The urgent ones are frequently just a distraction from those goals and your plan.

Of course there will always be true emergencies that crop up and derail your plan, but if you have a plan, then those will be infrequent, instead of what you are spending a majority of your days dealing with.

What are you going to do in your business to make sure to focus on the important tasks, instead of the urgent ones that always seem to crop up?

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Have A Prosperous Day!

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