Influence Techniques For Small Business Owners

Influence Techniques For Small Business Owners

If you’ll recall from about a week ago, I am doing a series of posts on influence techniques for small business owners based upon the work by Dr. Robert Cialdini and his discoveries that became the Science Of Persuasion for ethical influence.

I just ran across the following 11 minute video that he and a colleague put together that does a fantastic job of presenting the 6 principles of influence that Dr. Cialdini discovered.

It also contains some specific research that they have done to not only determine the principles of influence themselves, but more importantly how they impact our behavior, and how marketers can ethically use those principles to influence their customers and prospective customers out in the marketplace.

Dr. Cialdini spent 3 years in the field doing specific research while in situations where a person was trying to persuade him to do something, or else he was persuading someone else.

He has subsequently done further research as well as consulted with some many companies including some big names in their advertising and marketing campaigns.

Dr. Cialdini did his research while a Professor at Arizona State University, where he retired last year to focus on writing his next book full time. I’m looking forward to that release, as I’m sure are millions of other business owners and sales professionals worldwide.

Influence Techniques For Small Business Owners

Once you have watched the video, I would love to hear what you have to say about it, so please comment below with your thoughts and if you will take any or all of these principles and utilize them in your business going forward.

Are you currently using any or all of the 6 principles in your small business?

Do those 6 principles of ethical persuasion seem to encompass everything that you have seen in your business and life in general for that matter? Or are there some that seem to be missing?

What impact do you think using these influence techniques for small business owners will have on your business?

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