Measure Conversions In Business

Measure Conversions In Business

You must measure conversions in business in order to get the full picture of your sales and marketing processes.

Are you doing enough to measure the conversions in your small business?

Are you maximizing your conversions at all points in your sales and marketing processes? If you say yes, that’s great, but are you sure?

First you have to have a total grasp of all the step in your processes, and if you aren’t measuring the conversion rate at each of the steps in your sales and marketing processes, then how do you know if you are maximizing conversions or not?

And are you even sure you have defined all the steps in your process? If you have some “missing steps”, ones that you haven’t identified, but are actually there, then you could have a significant conversion problem that is hidden below the surface in a step of your process that you don’t even know exists.

Measure Conversions In Business

If you want to accurately measure conversions in your business, then the first step is to fully define all the steps in both your sales and your marketing processes.

Once you have taken the time to sit down and do that, review it with your employees in those roles at your company to make sure you haven’t missed anything. If you don’t have employees yet, then run it by your coach or mentor to see if they can come up with any gaps or holes that you have missed.

Once you are sure that you have fully defined all the steps in your processes, then you are ready to start measuring the conversion rates that you are getting at each step in both your sales and your marketing processes – from A to B to C and so on.

As a side benefit, you will be checking for any gaps in the steps that you defined in your process. If there is an end number at one step that doesn’t match up with the beginning number for the next step, then you know that you’ve missed defining a step that happens in between.

Once you have calculated each step in the process, you are also going to want to see what the overall conversion rate is from beginning to end.

All of the analysis of conversion rates at the various steps of your processes will tell you what is really going on in your business and let you see the weak areas or the log hanging fruit that will have the biggest bang for your buck in changing.

Are you doing enough to measure conversions in business for your sales & marketing processes?

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